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A Warning to Windows Phone Users with Device Protection


HI there,

Just a quick heads up.   The device protection company is not longer Asurion and is now E-Securitel.  I had a great response from the previous company with my Windows Phones under the protection plan.   E-Securitel seems to be a nightmare.    I went to get a replacement Nokia 1020 that broke.   Now I realize the chance of me getting a replacement on a discontinued phone would be tough.    But it seems E-Securitel has NO windows phones at all for replacement. (Not even the midrange 830)  It has now been two week and one escalation and no phone call back.   I have had to phone in myself to "check" back.    If you have your Windows phone on device protection you may want to investigate if they can actually give you what you are paying for!!   I'll respond back with my resolution - if any.



Thanks for the info. I have never considered getting a protection plan for a phone or any electronic device. It's just not worth it IMO. Just check the used market for anything that is older than the manufacturer's warranty and it will likely be close to or even less than what you paid for the protection.



I have used device protection in the past with good results.  Teenagers phone went smashy - got an upgrade from Gnote2 to Gnote3 for example.  My account is actually business anywhere with 4 cells, dsl, land line etc. My partner had protection on hers so we could have quick replacement for business needs.  Unfortunately E-securitel could not help with the Windows Phone and we did not want to leave the ecosystem where we had defined business processes.  To be clear they offered us a SG5 phone.  We have removed the Windows Phone from device protection and Telus refunded almost 100% of my device protection charges on this particular phone.  Telus did offer to help us into a new contract but I wanted a better phone than the 830.  (love Telus but hate their Windows Phone offerings)  So I am out nothing and searching for the phone I need on the open market.  Job well done Telus fixing my particular and somewhat special problem.  Just what you expect from being a long term customer.