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trying to send a text message and it is not going through....received it allright and trying to reply to it to no avail


Hello! ourange - Welcome to the forum: Tell us the phone brand & try these workarounds. 1) Check your phone outbox for stuck texts/msges. 2) Test the SIM-card by install it in another phone, send a text if it works, then is a hardware error.

3) Check the receiver contact at whom, you sent the text if is correct or delete the entry +re-enter it and send a text.


4) Pull out the SIM-Card, while the phone still On & re-inserted. Reboot turn off/on send a text. 5)Try to send a Txt to yourself if received the issue, isn't the phone. 6) Make a call if you receive an alert "Call barring active" de-activated. Finally call Telus for support and report results to forum.. Bye from  "v9"




@v9-12 yrs.Telus mobile user & Ex-BC Tel cable installer.
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The future is unknown?

Hi ourangel, if you can receive messages and make/receive calls, then you service is activated and working. Now, why can't you send text messages...good question. Were you able to send messages with your device before? Which type of device are you using right now? What's the error message that you see when sending your messages? A service issue would prevent you from receiving messages or placing calls.


A quick thing I like to do when this happens is send a SMS message from the phone(with the issue) back to itself.(your same phone number) as a test.


This will give us a great starting point.



Bring up the Dialer and enter (*#*#4636#*#*)
> Testing -> Phone information
> Scroll down to find SMSC
> Enter your carriers smsc (+1.....)
> Press Update
> Press Home
> Send yourself a text to verify that everything works