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phone is having problem and I have already fixed it nonce

my Samsung alpha has been having problems the last few month with it saying no service or shutting off alot of battery left I have had it fixed once but the problem is still happens I know my contract is up in 9 month but would like to know what I can do in the meantime.

Helpful Neighbour

Hello Andrew1384,


If your phone is displaying "no service", is there a SIM card in the phone, are you inside a building or away from a communication cellular tower?

Next thing to try would be to backup any or all information to a personal or laptop computer and do a factory reset on the phone.  After completing the factory reset and that doesn't solve the issue then the final steps would be to try a software update using the "settings" app installed on the phone.  If no updates are available then bring the phone to a TELUS Store, ask the store associate to lend you a loaner phone and have your current phone sent out for repair.  Best Of Luck getting these issues solved!!!!