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how to block people

Just Moved In
I blocked a caller from calling but they can still leave voice messages. how do you block them from even leaving messages so they leave you alone completely


they dont have call block I asked same down load call warrier it works well but if a private # shows up it will block it.  and there is a way of adding to safe list. I had prank calls when I got my unit a few months ago. Hope this helps 


Hi, in regards toblocking a specific number, if you can, try to download a filter/blocking application. I use Mr.number for Android and this feature gives me option to send to voicemail or hang-up. Try to search in the settings of your blocking feature to see if you can change it.

Just Moved In
I can block the number as my phone does not ring but they can still leave voice messages and fill my inbox. I would like to know if there is a way to block this person completely so I no longer receive voice mails.


Hey everyone,


If you are running iOS 7 (the latest OS, only compatible with iPhone 4 or newer), there is an internal option to block numbers. When you receive a call from a number you want to block, after hanging up:


1) Open the "Phone" app.

2) Tap the "Recents" tab at the bottom

3) Tap on the (i) icon

4) Scroll to the bottom and tap on "Block this Caller"


This should block them for phone calls, texts and FaceTime requests.