how do i send a picture from my blackberry to snap


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I suggest it would be wiser to email the photo. Snap is not working for a great number of folks, as evidenced from the comments here. A search for SNAP will return many discussions.


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@kw-Welcome to the forum: Yes, I agree with the last commenter answer. In order to guaranteed a safety deliver of your pics to the recipient is better to use, your own E-mail account. That way you've the peace of mind that it'll be delivered. 


The <Telus.Snap> feature it's been put out of service as far as we know. But still some costumers, get notified that a set of pictures it's been sent it & can be viewed by open the <Snap-link> Is unknown if Telus would, come up with a re-newed feature to send-receive pictures. PS add enough details in next questions to provide, better reply. Stay Tuned! <v9>


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