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beware of an automated message from Telus


I received an automated phone call from a company saying that it was Telus and since that I was a valued customer they had an offer for me and for more details press 1. Do not press 1 because this call is not from Telus . The number that called is (011) which is a country code which was my first alarm bell. then the number was (902)880-6xxx. If anyone else receives these types of calls please be sure to report them to Telus


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Community Power User
The number 011-902-880-6xxx would be the number you would dial from outside North America to Nova Scotia. Still smells fishy (sorry).
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A guy I work with just got the exact same call. Another scam originating from outside Canada no doubt.

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Community Power User

@Tgreencorn  reporting any of these calls to Telus will accomplish absolutely nothing. I suspect all of the calls originate outside Canada (beyond Telus' and Govt's control) and since Caller ID spoofing is so easy to do, they could be calling from anywhere and appear as ANY phone number they want. Even yours.


The basic rule is: Beware of ANY automated messages from any company saying you won something or have a special offer for you.

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