When are you guys receiving the Sony Xperia Z?


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Hi community, first off, this is a great idea!


Quick question, when are you guys getting the Sony Xperia ZL?


I'm really intersted in this phone Man LOL

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Hey CraigB,


Usually the launch dates are in line with all the other carriers in North America. From what I know, you can usually sign up for a mailing list to receive updates at telusmobility.com, once the device launch date is near. You will usually see a banner that says 'Coming Soon'. Also, I would recommend checking the TELUS website periodically.


Hope this helps!


Hey Craig,


The history of the Sony Xperia Z's availability in Canada has been a bit of a strange one, with very little information available, from what I have heard most recently it's going to be available in Canada towards the end of June, however this is a general release window, non specific with dates or carriers. Your best bet is by far to keep looking in the community and I am sure that a couple weeks before it's available it will be on the front page of http://mobility.telus.com

So stay strong and keep checking!

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Are you asking about the Z or ZL,  they are 2 completely different phones?


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Craig, i would honestly reccomend waiting. even if telus does get the Sony Xperia Z, i would wait for this awesome beast of a phone: 

Sony Xperia Honami i1




5-inch Full HD 1080p - 1920x1080

Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core chip


Adreno 330 graphics processing unit (GPU) and 2GB of RAM.

We don’t know what the clockspeed will be yet but we do know the Qualcomm 800 chip can go as high as 2.3GHz


32GB onboard and it’ll also have a micro SD slot for expanding this further. Connectivity is pegged to include NFC (with one-touch sharing), Wi-Fi, Miracast, 4G, infrared and Bluetooth.



keep in Mind these are all rumors, however the keep poping up everywhere and keep confirming the specs every week. 


the Sony Xperia Z had poor battery life and the screen resolution thought it is sported as 1080p 1920x1080 - the viewing angles suck. 


if the Sony honami i1 is real, it will be my next phone.

supposed launch in the fall

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I got myself an unlocked Sony Xperia ZL and it is working great so far on Telus.


If you're thinking about getting one just make sure it is pentaband model C6506 which supports LTE Band IV.