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I cannot receive the verification code from WhatsApp to create an account. The error message says we couldn’t send an SMS to your number. I’ve tried turning off my phone, putting it on and off airplane mode and reloading the app. I spent an hour chatting to an Apple rep to check that everything on my phone should allow me to get the code. The tech suggested it was possibly a cellular service issue. 
Any suggestions would be appreciated 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Hopefully something here will help:


How to register your phone number | WhatsApp Help Center

Thanks, I’ve tried all of the suggestions on that site but no joy

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Community Power User

Did you get the option for "Call Me" after 5 minutes? Seems like a good workaround if SMS isn't working.



I assume you don't have any issues getting SMS messages in general and that other services that use 2 factor authentication can send codes by SMS to your number?


If that is the case then the issue is probably at the WhatsApp side. Have a look here to see if there is something you haven't already tried:



If your number is a prepaid number. Some authentication services do not work with prepaid numbers.

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I had the same issue and tried everything that was already suggested in this forum with no success.

What worked for me was changing the network selection on my phone from automatic to manual. Then select the network (Telus) manually. I went back to whatsapp and repeated the verification process with no issues. I was able to receive the 6 digit whatsapp code.

Hopefully this is helpful.