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Umidigi s5 pro

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Anyone try this phone on Telus network does it work on lte for phone calls and data?


Haven't tried the phone but it supports most of the LTE bands of Telus as well as Bell  ( 2, 4, 5, 7, 12, 13, 17) and all of Rogers ( 4, 7, 12 [ with added alternates on 2, 5, 17 ])


The only one it is missing in its support list is LTE Band 29 in the 700 Mhz range for Telus & Bell, but the most widespread bands in the common 850/1900/2100 frequency range are supported.


Being that 700mhz towers are still the minority (but increasing) but are going to be the longer range towers, if you are at the edge of reception of a 700mhz tower and it is either restricted tx/rx or congested , you might find a phone next to you works while yours doesn't, however when it can access the other freqs then it should work.


We have Umidigi Power 3 and an F2 here.

Both work fine.  Quality of the devices is...   Well cheap.

Umidigi cycles through new models with small changes frequently but a lot of the core radio stuff appears to be relatively similar from one to the next.


The F2 has a dead fingerprint sensor.  This is a very frequent issue on that model and it seems like failure is not an if but when it fails kind of thing.

The Power 3 has audio issues, an acknowledged bug in the sound mixer driver that "hello google" feature overrides the speaker.  A patch was released and quickly pulled as it bricked devices.  Then they went radio silent and no longer respond to customers on their customer service site asking about this device.

Basically Umidigi cobbles together spare parts they find at the major china parts dealer markets into a semi-working phone.  They support it for about 3-5 months and quickly abandon it.  sometimes popular models get some community open source support (TWRP) if you are into that kind of thing.


But as for if it will work on Telus network.  Yes it appears to work fine.