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Telus wifi hot spot #telus is unsecured, will it resurrect its secured wifi hot spot #telusdirect?


Telus is currently giving everyone access to its wifi hot spot #telus, which is unsecured; while its competitor Shaw provides its customer with 2 wifi hot spots: Shaw open which is unsecured, and Shaw passpoint which is secured.  This definitely gives Shaw a huge advantage as most people would prefer a secured wifi hot spot and Shaw's hot spots are almost everywhere.  Telus used to offer its mobility customers with a secured wifi hotspot #telusdirect; however Telus pushed the #telusdirect profile to all its mobility customers devices and some customers did not like that and so Telus withdrew that offering.  Shaw did not push its passpoint profile out, instead, its customers have to download the profile if they want to use this secured wifi hot spot, and if they want, for whatever reason, they could delete the profile if they do not want to use the secured hotspot.

Will Telus resurrect #telusdirect and implement it like Shaw?  As a Telus customer, I really would like to see #telusdirect come back, as I prefer a secured hotspot over an unsecured one.