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Software updates

Ok I am wondering something I see on the telus mobility software update section of there website they have a couple device's being updated, my question is how is it possible that a phone that telus doesn't sell online or in stores in bc Canada is getting nougat update? I see the HTC one m9 will get this update but a phone like samsung galaxy s7 doesn't? My next question is how can I buy a htc one m9 from telus? Thanks

Community Power User
Community Power User

Telus can only release an update after the manufacturer releases it in Canada, so the S7 update will be available in due time.


Telus may have sold the m9 in the past, or through the business mobility channel. At the moment, SaskTel seems the only Canadian carrier with availability (see Best Buy).  EDIT: The phone was released about 18 months ago. Finding it  in the marketplace will be challenging. Try the HTC Canada site if you really want this phone.


You could buy the phone outright elsewhere, and bring to Telus if you wish, but if not listed on any of their sales channels, you can't buy through Telus.


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