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Smart hub


I have a smart hub for my Main home. However I need to travel to my summer cabin for work. My question  is “why can’t I move my smart hub and still get service. A service I am paying for based on data usage that uses cell towers”. Why does Telus restrict the hub to one location. That is like restricting your cellphone to one house. If I pay for the service I should be allowed to use it wherever I need to. 

I realize there is a business one but the data limits are very low without incurring huge costs. 


Community Power User
Community Power User
  1. The hub is not a mobile service. The mobility devices, as you have discovered, are far more limited in data allowance.
  2. Not all cell towers have the data backbone or the data radios to manage the volume of data the hub allows. This causes degradation to other customers.
  3. it is what it is. If you were Fibre or copper served at home, you would need a second account.


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