Samsung S6 - problems with calling and receiving calls


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95% of the time that i call someone, they can never hear me and end up hanging up. When i call right back, they can hear me alright. 


Other times it is very difficult for them to hear me, but when they call me back, neither one of us has a problem hearing the other.


Furthermore, the amount of times i have my phone turned on with the ringer on loud, and receive a call that doesn't ring on the phone. I don't see that anyone has called me until i see the phone flashing light to indicate that something new has happened that i haven't answered. I'm not being funny but all three issues are very frustrating. All software is up to date and i've tried everything barring a factory reset. 


Any suggestions?

Community Power User
Community Power User

Assuming you are in an area with good signal strength, and the phone is not obscured from the signals, it should be very rare when you do not receive a ring signal, though it happens on rare occasion with my iPhone as well. I find it happens less frequently if I reboot my phone more often, so I have started the habit of re-starting my phone more frequently, and find fewer instances of problems.  How often do you usually restart your phone?



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