Re: 3G => Defy w/ Nexus hotspot


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Did my Defy suggestions work for your Nexus?

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Check out this link to activate the hotspot...


With the hotspot enabled and password defined....  Have your Nexus scan for the new wifi.



  • use a good password to ensure that it's not compromised.  You don't want to be known as offering free wifi to the world
  • wifi drains the battery quickly on smart phones.   You might find yourself needing to charge your phone more often.
  • pay attention to your data consumption on your mobile plan, especially if you are paying roaming charges

We do not have a password for the Defy.  Have searched the phone and now will need to contact Telus directly for assistance.

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Hmm... the phone itself will not have a password. However the wifi ssid will to ensure you are not providing free wifi to unwanted guests.

The password in step 8 is important.