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Question about the new 20gb $75 Promo

Just Moved In
I currently have the Peace of Mind 10gb plan for $75 Peace of Mind - Unlimited nationwide talk, text, and endless data (10GB High Speed) $75.00 10GB High Speed Data Data manager Endless Data - No Data Overages Hotspot up to 10GB Unlimited nationwide calls Unlimited nationwide texts, picture and video messaging Is this new plan for 20gb pretty much the same and I'll be adding 10gb for the same price or will they remove hotspot or the unlimited internet but throttled after you go over the limit? I also noticed my employer has the EPP program but the plan is for some reason more money on that. If everything stays the same and you get a extra 10gb for the same price it seems like a no brainer to me but I don't want them to take stuff away or raise this price like they did with the 10gb $60 plan last year.