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Payment Declined

I just tried to take advantage of an upgrade deal sent to me via email. Went through the entire process up until the payment option.
I am with BMO and use their debit Mastercard for everything in regards to online purchasing. I even pay my Telus bill with the same card every month. Yet it continues to decline the payment.
This is frustrating as because of Covid, I am unable to renew my expired drivers license and cannot process this transaction instore because I dont have valid photo ID. I fought for 30mins with this one gentleman who basically said that I cannot prove I am who I am because some numbers on my ID. Like hello, I am me.

Community Power User
Community Power User

I wonder if the upgrade payment is trying to be pre-authorized. You can't pre-authorize a debit Visa or Mastercard. It will fail. Recurring and single payments where they don't need to be pre-authorized will still work fine.


As for having valid ID, I believe that is an industry standard if it isn't a federal one. Telus' website mentions:


Valid photo ID: You'll need 1 valid government issued photo identification (eg. Driver’s License, Provincial ID card, passport).

Note: Stores are unable to accept health cards (excluding Quebec and British Columbia) or citizenship cards.

Customers also require 1 acceptable valid ID for credit check (eg. credit card or social insurance number either verbally, paper copy or card).

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