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I got the Nokia 625 and renewed for a 2 year contract about three months ago.
I had 14 or something days to return it if I didn't like it.. That wasn't enough time to get used to the phone.
Now that I have, I hate the phone. I literally ask to use my friends phones to do things because of the lack of options on my phone.
I don't want to have to pay to get out of the contract, but it seems like my only option.
I've even considered putting it on the lowest payment possible per month and going with another phone company.. This makes me feel awful since I've been with the company for so long.
I'm extremely frustrated because I've been with Telus over 10 years and I feel like I get nothing in return for my loyalty.
Not to mention seems utterly ridiculous.
Do I really have any other options?
There is nothing more annoying than to have a rep talk up a phone, and answer yes to my billion questions.. Then realize it was a lie.
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You could sell it to someone who would love to have a Nokis 625, and get a new phone with the proceeds. It's eligible to be unlocked, which might make it more attractive to a purchaser.


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hi, I'm actually using this device for now and honestly, I like it. For sure the apps are not exactly the same that you'll find on an Iphone or an android device but I'm able to use everything else, from my movies to my music. It's actually better than my old S2x. What exactly is the issue with your device? In terms of networking, the signal is amazing and Nokia built a solid device. The reviews are good as well and don't forget that it's way cheaper than most of the major devices in terms of pricing.