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Issues with Android phones

Just wondering if anyone has experienced the issues I have with Android phones on Telus. Every android phone that I have tried has the same issues and I am perplexed. The issues are: people that try to send me messages get the failed to deliver notification frequently, emails come about 2 to 3 hours after being sent sometimes but not always, the person at the receiving end of my calls can hear a beeping sound throughout the conversation on some calls, also I have lots of issues with Android phones connecting to Bluetooth in my car it disconnects as well as doesn't sound clearly through the car speakers. I have tried different android phones and they all act the same. It doesn't do this with iPhone. I purchased the pixel 2xl hoping that it would work, but it has been doing the same. It is so frustrating. Just wondering if anyone has any answers? I work about 2 blocks from a hospital and I am wondering if that would be causing any of the issues, maybe interference from the hospital? I'm at a loss

CPU Alum
CPU Alum

I'm not encountering issues with my Blackberry KEYone (Android).


Just did a test.... had my KEYone email the Pixel and then emailed back.  Email took about 10 to 15 seconds to show up on the other phone.


Does it make a difference if you are using wifi vs cellular?  Also who are you using for email?  Is it gmail?

This has been going on with this phone for the past week I am using mymail for email. I have been encountering issues with Android for about the last 6 month to a year. I've tried every type of android you can imagine and every one does the same.

Do you have another email provider like gmail?  I wonder if there is a difference in performance.

've never used anything but myMail. I've tried iphone a few times, but I end up coming back to android because I like it better. But I never have issues with iPhone. That's what is so confusing.

Community Power User
Community Power User

It's possible to have issues with software on any phone, even iPhones. Some of the issues could really depend on which app you are using for those services and how it's configured. Since we're all human, there is also the possibility of error as well.


Did you update the Pixel 2 XL to Oreo? Other users (worldwide) have been having issues with their phones since the update, including with bluetooth. Make sure your phone is up to date just in case. 


Try using something better than myMail. I would never touch the myMail app. Too sketchy. MyMail also notes on their Play store page they use Facebook ads / user tracking in the myMail app.


Do you have antivirus on your phone? Probably wouldn't hurt to make sure you don't have some malware in there causing issues.

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It had been updated to Oreo, I will try to use a different email app, I didn't know that about myMail. And I will try installing an antivirus and see if that makes any difference. These issues have been ongoing and affected every android I've had. That's why I'm so confused, it's not just one phone. It seems to be android phones in general. It seems to be worse when I'm at work, that's why I'm wondering if the hospital interference could be causing issues? Thanks

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Community Power User

The hospital won't be causing any issues. When you're at work, it very well could be the building you work in that is interfering with the cellular signal reception. Concrete and steel are two types of material that will block signals. 

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I've never noticed a difference with wifi on


Disable the Doze mode on your device.  This causes your phone to deeper sleep when not in use, which also turns off push for most apps.