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How can I get help when I am not the owner on the account but name is under my number?

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My Iphone's SIM card got locked up and the only way of contact to telus I have is through chat on my laptop. I dont have my PIN because I didnt set it up, the owner did, and telus chat would not help me because I am not the owner even though my name is under my number. They said I would have to contact the owner and get them to call in to get the PUK code unlock my phone. Well the only way of contacting the owner is by calling them but as you have read I do not have a phone. I am stranded in the middle of no where with no phone (the one at work wont let me make long distance calls)  and they will not help me. Is there anything I can do? I have been a customer with telus since 1993 and I cant believe no one will help me. PLEASE HELP!!!



Community Power User
Community Power User
Send a text to the owner asking them to call you so you can explain the predicament and solicit their aid?
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That will not work in this situation

The only way to get it done would be for you to somehow contact the customer and then get PUK code.