Having problem with data


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Why is my data so high when i use Wifi? Also when i switched my plan to unlimited talk and text plus 5GB share my data went through the roof. I seem to always use double the amount of data. Help please!!
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Some thoughts...

  • are you sure you are on wifi and not running on data?  What happens if you turn cell data off and just run on wifi?
  • have you tried logging into Telus Mobility account to study your usage pattern?  When is data highest?  What are you doing on the phone at that time?  Is wifi enabled?



Make sure you also regularly close your background apps. If you're using an iphone, double tap home button to see list of opened apps, than press and hold on the apps to close them. Very often if your phone disconnects from wifi for whatever reason, it'll automatically connect to cellular network and won't always go back to wifi. To be safe, you can always disable cellular data from your mobile network settings, it'll still allow calls/text/wifi