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HTC One (M8) is now avaialble at TELUS


The all-new HTC One is now available! You can order it here


The new HTC One M8 is a great follow up to the original HTC One. They listened to all of the feedback about what people wanted added to the device and implemented them all. Micro SD slot. Bigger battery and on screen buttons. And on Canada's best network it will be a top seller

yes, i agree, I think it will be on the best phone in 2014.

It definitely is a great phone but it won't be a top seller. HTC doesn't spend enough money on marketing and the carriers never promote it as much as Apple and Samsung products.

CPU Alum
CPU Alum

Don't forget the optional Gramohorn speaker!

And we complain about the price of a new phone! LOL.

Available from the Gramohorn is spray finished and made to order for £999 in a plaster resin build, or £4999 in a selection of milled metals.