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Fix for slow wifi website page loading times for smartphones

Just Moved In

Our home has had slow Wi-Fi for our smartphones it seems forever. Web page loading speeds on our phones are at least 10 times slower than our laptops. I read on the forum that it may be because our modem/router was setup with IPv6 enabled, which can possibly cause issues with Samsung phones. I tried as explained, to turn off the IPv6 option and use only IPv4 on our Telus Modem/Router. This made no difference in website page loading speed for our cellphones.


So I did some looking at the Advanced options on our modem/router to see if there was a setting that could improve Wi-Fi connection speeds for our cellphones. I found the solution for our issue and hope this helps others with slow Wi-Fi website page loading times on their cellphones or tablets.


This for advanced users who are comfortable with modifying modem/router settings. If you are not comfortable with changing settings on your modem/router, contact someone who is, or check other forum posts for information on how to do this.

Open your routers settings page in a browser.


Select Wireless Setup

Advanced Settings

On the right side of this page we have several selections that can be modified. There are two types of Aggregation that can be enabled, MSDU and MPDU.

Turn on MSDU and turn off MPDU, only one option can be selected at a time on our modem/router.

Press the apply button for changes to take effect.

Close window (Tab) and enjoy fast page loading on you cellphone finally.


According to Wikipedia aggregation settings change how data packets are sent via Wi-Fi and MSDU Aggregation is much more efficient than MPDU Aggregation. This seems to be true with our Samsung cellphones.


This change has sped up our Wi-Fi download speeds on our cellphones from anywhere from 10X - 20X faster. Now our cellphones load pages as fast as our laptop connections, and I believe our laptops even load pages faster.