EASY QUESTION for a Telus customer: methods of payment?


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So im about to make my first payment on my cell phone. Can I GO INTO THE STORE (NOT pay online - it is not working!!!) and pay by credit card, debit, or in cash? 

Again, the internet will NOT let me make an online payment. I cannot even access the page. But even if I COULD, I do not like paying over the internet. It makes me incredibly uneasy. My parents always used to do it, and they ran into atleast one problem everytime they made an online payment. So I do not wish to pay online. 

Part of the reason I'm asking is that my boyfriend has a Telus phone as well. In store (or online, for that matter) he cannot pay because he has an international credit card (from Brazil). He has to get the card registered, and so far it's been a month, and they haven't gotten it registered yet so he can make payments. 

I am in Canada, if that makes any difference. 

So, my question is, can I go INTO the telus store and pay my bill with cash, debit, or credit? My credit card + my debit are NOT international. They are Canadian. Also, how long will it take after I make that payment for my phone to be re-activated? 

Yes, I realize this is in the wrong section. I am not getting any replies in "cell phone" section.

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You can pay your bill at your financial institution (bank) or through your banks online portal as a bill payment. Keep in mind it can take up to 3 business days for the payment to be posted.

If your phone was deactivated because of non payment. Paying by credit card it’s usually restored within the hour, along with a reconnection charge. Seeing as you state it’s your first payment there shouldn’t be a “reactivation” on your post paid account unless you’re months late paying it.


For payment information you can read more here and here.

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International cards are always hit and miss.  Credit card fraud internationally is a big issue.  There are merchants and retailers in the US that won't take Canadian credit cards.  In some cases, that is dependent on their credit/debit transaction provider.  You can not pay cash in-store!