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How do I retrieve txt messages that were deleted on my rugby phone?
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Recovering deleted texts is difficult if not impossible in most cases. Which app are you using for texting / SMS?


That question is also just asking for a lot of spammers to reply with links to questionable software / malware / scams. Many appear to be legitmate but they aren't. Many have fake review, awards etc to have the appearance of a real company / software. One of the frequently spammed ones has the appearance of a MLM scheme also.

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Hello, for security reasons, your mobile provider will not save your messages once the network confirms it was sent or received. The other reason would be a storage issue since so many text messages are sent every hours. The key is to do a back-up if possible, to prevent this situation.


Hi Chantelwynn, I hope the solution provided by Nighthawk will work for you, wally_west's point is also valid since it's true that TELUS  can't keep track of all the outgoing and incoming messages. Feel free to share the results with us!