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Connectivity problems with Samsung S6 update to Android 6.0.1

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I've had connection problems on my S6 since updating to Android 6.0.1 baseband version G920W8VLU3CPC8.  Frequent but intermittent inability to place calls, dropped calls, inability to send text messages or connect to data.  Alll network connection, with no wi-fi issues.  There are several other people reporting similar problems with the same Android update on an older thread:


Just Moved In

Me too. I called in for support and was told to reset to factory settings. I did that and no joy. Of course. 

Community Power User
Community Power User

Samsung is known for buggy updates. I haven't noticed any issues on my S6 Edge yet but I don't use it for calls often.

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@mitrakaren Hi, are you still experiencing the same difficulties after doing the factory settings reset?