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BB 5G! => Key3?

CPU Alum
CPU Alum


BlackBerry's new partner is OnwardMobility of Austin, Texas, which will outsource manufacturing to Foxconn — a Taiwan-based company best known as the primary manufacturer of Apple's iPhones


Community Power User
Community Power User

Hopefully they step up their game in the camera department, which to be honest has always sucked on a blackberry. But being more focused on security govt, and business probably not.

It's good to see BB getting back in the game. BBM was the true cellphone messanger before Apple and such.

BlackBerry has done alot with QNX and other inside technology they have. They just need to bring their game up with this phone. It has a keyboard which is great. Needs to have better camera, internals and able to compete with either Samsung, Apple or Huawei. We shall see. My father still uses the Bold 9900 and I have the Bold 9000 and the Flip in my drawer with the original 2G iPhone ( which i got from the states before Rogers launched the 3G)