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Adding data to an iphone 4s

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My kids gave me a used iphone 4s.  I was using it without data, just for calling and texting, but a couple of days ago I added a month's worth of data just for while I'm on vacation.  I can't seem to get it to work.  I've gone to settings and I've got Cellular Data turned on.  I've tried what it says on the Telus website -- plug it into itunes.  And it says it needs an update but the phone itself won't do the IOS 9.2.1. update.  What else should I do?


Community Power User
Community Power User

You will need to connect to wifi to update to 9.2.1, it can't be done over the cellular network. 


Confirm with Telus that there is not a data block placed on the account to prevent data consumption.


You may need to go to Settings > cellular and turn on data for each app.


I'll see if I can add any more info in the morning. Edit - the above pretty much covers it.


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CPU Alum

@ribbla: To clarify....

  • Where are you travelling on vacation? A local stacation?  Or roaming internationally?
  • Are you on a prepaid plan?