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vpn server on second router with Telus wifi hub


Hi, looking for a bit of help in setting up a second router with a Telus wifi hub.


I recently bought a tp-link archer a10 to use together with the Telus wifi hub. I connected the a10 router to port1 of the wifi hub and then on the wifi hub, I switched lan1 to bridge mode. With these settings, the a10 is able to get a wan ip, and I'm able to connect to it from outside via openvpn.


What I'd like to do is be able to access local ip's on the wifi hub from the a10 - like access local resources through openvpn on the a10. Is this possible? Searching online, I think I'm supposed to add static routes on both routers so they can communicate with each other, but afaik, you can't configure static routes on the wifi hub.


Or is there a different method to accomplish what I'm trying to do?


Thanks in advance



This is an old post so likely you resolved it or moved on. But I was mulling a similar setup so thought I would chime in.

If you use bridge mode, then I believe your 2nd router is effectively treated as any other device on the WAN. It won't have any access to the other devices that are using your hub. I think the correct way to do this is to not use bridged mode, have the 2nd router as a regular client device connecting to the hub. Then use port forwarding on your WiFi hub to send the necessary VPN traffic ports to your 2nd router (give it a static IP address).