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Just Moved In

I called for assistance regarding our internet speed. The customer service rep was extremely polite and asked how he could help. I explained that we pay for 300 mbps and our internet is extremely slow and in some cases can't get on for several minutes. He started to tell me steps to take to help, like unplug the modem for 30 seconds etc etc etc.....I explained that this was not my first call. I have done all of these things and do them weekly but it doesn't change anything. Then it was how many devices are you using at once ? I said 3.....oh, that should be ok.


"I suggest we send a technician out." he said.  So next morning the tech showed up. He went through the same explanations and questions. He went through the same procedure to unplug and restart everything. Then suggested I download an app called FAST onto my phone and using it I could check my internet speed. I did that and guess what. It showed over 300 mbps. The tech left, but had no answer as to why we have these problems. For the next few days I checked the internet speed, and it has been far less than 300 bps on many different times and days, but it has not been up to 300 since the tech left. Can you explain this? Also what will you do to compensate me?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Sorry about that! We can definitely look into escalating this and getting you a callback so things can be investigated further. I'll send you a PM to discuss, thanks!