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Just Moved In

I'm confused. My latest bill shows a charge for data overage, topped 2T. Family sat down and analyzed usage and we realized how the excess could have occurred and made some changes. As part of the review, we looked at daily and then historical data usage. Now for the confusion ... the plan shows how excess charges are billed - the 'bucket' system. Looking at past data amounts, we have exceeded our limits many times in the past year, sometimes just over, and a couple of times to the point where the maximum overage was exceeded, and yet this is the first time we have been billed for ANY overage. One overage a couple of months ago was only a few Gig under what drew the overage charge this month.  What gives? Did someone just notice that our limit was over, or have we been somehow in Telus' good grace up until now. I have no problem paying for what we use, I just have a problem with inconsistent application of the rules. This month was the first time ever that we were notified that we had exceeded limits, even though it has happened frequently in the past. Not that I want Telus to backtrack and charge for delinquent fees, but in today's computerized world, how does something like this happen?

Finally, I checked MyTelus today to see if our changes were making a difference in consumption and find that we are indeed on the right side of the mark, BUT, our data limit is now showing 1000Gb where it has been 1024Gb previously.  I can find no information on the data plan about carry forward, banking data, etc. Has the plan suddenly changed, is there a penalty (beyond $) that is applied for overages? Is this some method of compelling me to upgrade to unlimited data plan? OH YES .. I take EXTREME exception to "chat" with a virtual entity, to me a chat is done with a person, not a machine!!!!