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crap service

Just Moved In

NOT impressed w/ my brand new Telus internet nor w/ optik TV.  SLOOOWWW intrnt and constantly needs a reset of ethernet with the windows trbl shooter / it never works well 4 long,  must have reset it 3 dozen times and rebooted the modem too and all the upstream infrastructure in my place is brand new.  NO HELP available online // the chat is totally constipated, it's always 'try again L8R'   guess i made a big mistake with this pkg deal.  as for the TV it's nuthin 2 rite home about either, i dont know if i'm stickin around or lookin to Bell



@dgdoor7 Didn't the TECH leave a card with his phone number on it.

probably but Y am i callin HIM, his pl8 is full i'm sure // and he showed up 2 hrs L8 for the install with no courtesy call until i got anxious about it and went online (an hour after the latest arranged install time) // i wasnt in gear with it workin until nearly 6PM (but not his fault i guess) and you make the poor guy wear a freakin mask + long pants and giant workboots in this oven climate, NONE of which is helpful . . .

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@dgdoor7  I had a problem in my first week phoned the teck he phoned back late afternoon came early next day good ever that.