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YouTube live stream

We have Telus optic 150 MBS. Can't watch YouTube live stream with Telus optic tv app because it lags badly. Was told by a Telus guy it was too slow unless maybe 1 or 2 devices working on network /and WiFi. Telus tv is hardwired. Is this how it is?


That is incorrect. Internet 150 should be more then enough to stream Youtube. 


Try this.. in order.
Unplug ALL cable boxes (PVR and non PVRs)

Factory reset router (Red button on your 3200)
Wait in till Internet is back

Test Youtube.

If that doesn't work, you can try a process that will reset the STB or PVR back to factory settings (And shouldn't delete your recordings)
Unplug your box

Plug in back in intill you see Telus intill you see Telus

Unplug the box again
Do this 3-4 times intill you see Gears on the screen

It'll start "updating" - It'll have 2 different progress bars.

After it's done, try Youtube again.


If all that doesn't work, let me know

It worked on Sunday. I only use it once a week. Thanks. Now we will wait and see. Too many other problems seem to come and all the time