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Utility box wraps


Does anyone know what department I need to contact to request the utility box outside my home is either cleaned of graffiti or can have it wrapped? 


Appreciate any kind responses,




Community Manager
Community Manager

@jl1988 Sent you a PM!

Hi dru

I have the same problem and have been struggling to connect with someone at Telus to discuss if the utility box adjacent to our property can be removed now that fiber optic cable  has been installed or if the box can be wrapped in a more attractive theme.

I hope you were able to help the last person and then me!!





I am also looking for a contact to request a wrap on a box on my building's property. It has been getting tagged and looks terrible. Any helpbwould be appreciated. Thanks

I am also looking for a contact person to request a wrap on a utility box on my buildings property that is constantly being tagged by graffiti. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you