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Telus is Forcing me to connect to California Servers Instead of Oregon Fortnite Servers

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As this post and this post shows, customers who have Telus are experiencing major ping issues when playing Fortnite. Essentially, anyone with Telus finds themselves connecting to California servers instead of Oregon servers which result in high ping (70-80+) which has a noticeable effect in games. After someone reached out to the Fortnite devs, they were left with the impression that this issue is a Telus issue and not a Fortnite server issue. It could very well be a Fortnite server issue but I'm wondering if someone could shed some light on this issue. It seems present for customers who have Telus in Alberta.


Just Moved In

i know i used to get 30 ping now i get 80-100, its so annoying 

@Fattyffat Where you're getting the server locations from? I wonder if that information is still current. It's possible Epic may have made some changes on their end. I did ask Epic's tech support if they knew where the servers were located but none of the support people there I got a response from seem to have any idea where the servers are located. 


In game I see the West server showing a supposed 35ms ping while in the game settings but whenever I connect I see ~70ms. The east coast server shows ~55ms in the settings but gives me the same ~70ms latency as well. 70ms to California is actually decent compared to some other games I play but even with 70ms I have no problem playing Fortnight at all. I've never had lower pings than that since I first stated playing Fortnite.

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im sufffering the same issue my buddies that have shaw do not have any ping issues so im talking with telus again for the 80th time and if they dont fix it im switching to shaw


I'm also having this problem, have you found a fix or anything for it?