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Telus installed fiber optic beyond easement without permission

Just Moved In

Telus came to our property and asked that they will be installing fiber optic on our property.

I asked them that I don't want the easement to be extended and that if they will be installing within the current limits?

They assured me that they will stay within the limit (6 feet).

When trying to build new fence (old one was gone when Telus came), the markings show all of the Telus installation is beyond the 6ft easement line.

Also, the owner of the house did not sign the papers for installation.

It has been already installed and has significantly reduced property where we can build fence etc. because we have a corner lot house.


I need to build a proper fence for for house and a good portion of my yard will be gone if I build after the new Telus lines.


What actions can I take to remedy this?



Honestly, I would talk to your city hall, and maybe a lawyer. Unless you've had a survey, there may be a misunderstanding of the property line, but they should hopefully be forced to remedy it.

I assume you know where the property pins are. I worked in power underground and if this is in an older subdivisions things are not always what a person sees.  Locate the pins city hall can do that and go from there. Sometimes right of way has changed over the years for extra utility clearance. People move and all memory is lost in time.   


@aamar_maqsood wrote:

Also, the owner of the house did not sign the papers for installation.

Are you not the owner of the property? If you aren't then there is nothing you can do.