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Telus does not offer special promotions to towns under pure fibre pilot project. Misleading info.

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Had to say I was disappointed when I was ready to switch over to Telus and after all said and done and ready to go ahead with the order, I asked about the 50" LG TV promotion. Good thing I did before I said "good to go and set an install date because apparently my town (Innisfail, Alberta) is not privy to these special promotions. After a few weeks of research and help from my Telus tech savy friend, it was all for nothing and now I will stick with SHAW because for some reason, Telus does not want me to change carriers. 


Your promotion is misleading and wasted my time deciding on switching carriers. How are people under the pilot project suppose to know when those promotions apply to the rest of us?


Kindly Regards,


Reid C.



Shaw does not offer any kind of promotional bundle with a free TV or anything similar. Seeing as how you went with Shaw, I'm curious how that factored into your decision to go with Shaw?

@mbp-- OP didn't switch to Shaw; he's already on Shaw and simply stayed instead of switching to Telus.


We've had Telus fibre installed in our building, in each unit, but I've not switched as so many others have, not because of any promotional glitch, but because Shaw works just fine. I'd only consider switching if Shaw tanked in service and//or skyrocketed in price. That's not happened yet in 30 years! Cat LOL

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Such promotions are only offered on Telus wireline (copper) Internet plans, not in any Fibre community.  In my experience, Fibre is so superior to copper, that I’d purchase it no matter. 


Oh, Telus is *WAY* beyond piloting Fibre. It is the new standard for delivery of services. 


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