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Telus 5G line install - worksite is unlocked and danger


It's concerning to see how many posts there are on this page, reporting issues with the 5g line install in so many Calgary neighborhoods.  Thankfully work has FINALLY come to an end in Beddington Heights however, but there have been many many poor jobs of repairing and seeding the ground back to it's original state.  Many lawns and concrete ruined by this project.  I am more concerned however about the worksite that was set up temporarily in FRONT OF THE PLAYGROUND on Beddington Cres NE.  The work trucks speed up and down the streets during the day and are double parked overnight taking up most of the street but worse is the unlocked pile of supplies and garbage that is left behind by the workers day after day. It's sort of gated off but not really, and always unlocked. The park is un-usable because of the danger this site poses and it is pure luck that there hasn't been an incident with some curious kids getting into that pile of trash.  We residents have had to put up with this for months and months.  Is this happening in all neighborhoods??  Why isn't this hazardous situation being resolved?


Community Manager
Community Manager

@canaus Thank you for the feedback. We take safety in our community seriously. I'll forward this post to the appropriate teams to review the opportunities for improvement.