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My Own Router and the T3200M


So because my 5Ghz WiFi signal keeps dropping and I have many WiFi devices at our home, I've decided to get my own router.


We have Optik TV and I'm wondering if I did that, would I have to keep the WiFi SSID turned on in my Telus T3200M modem?  The new router and the T3200M would be next to each other and I fear they would interfere with each other (I guess I could change their WiFi channels to be the same as a solution).


Asking out of curiosity, thanks!


Community Power User
Community Power User

When I last had my own router connected to the T3200M, I left the T3200M as default settings. My router was very close to the T3200M and I didn't notice any issues. They both would autoscan wifi channels and rarely ever shared the same one. I left WIFI enabled on the T3200M and just plugged my router in a different LAN port. I had to make sure they weren't sharing the same subnet (ex. 192.168.1.x > 192.168.10.x). Now I have the new Wifi 6 Boost unit from Telus sitting right next to it instead and have no issues. 

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Ok great. So I don’t have to put the T3200M into Bridge mode correct?

Also this may be a dumb question but how do I ensure they are not on the same subnet?

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If you're just looking for a better or stronger wireless connection, getting a wireless access point may be a simpler option as it would share the same IP range with the T3200. Telus's Boost 2.0 / Wifi6 is one such device and is what I have now. My place isn't huge so it's more than enough. A few third party routers are also capable of operating like this but not many. A lot will depend on the size of the home you live in and how far you need the signal to go. A mesh wifi system may also be an option but they can get pricey depending on how much area you need covered, and the more nodes you have installed. There can potentially be possible reduced speed because mesh devices repeat the signal to connect from one to the next node.


I did not put my T3200 into bridge mode and had no issues. If you're running a server of some kind and it's connected to your router, that may or may not work without some manual tweaks to the port forwarding on the T3200 and the router. One advantage to this set up is that devices on the second router should still be able to connect to devices connected to the T3200 by manually using the IP address. Devices on the second router may not be able to automatically see/detect devices connected to the T3200 because of the different IP ranges. Devices on the T3200 will not be able to talk to devices on the second router's network.


As for changing the IP on the third party router, basically you have to log in to your own router and find the LAN IP settings. Where those settings are, and what they're called, will vary depending on the brand of router you buy. If your router defaults to 192.168.1.x, you just have to change the .1.x to another number. I usually use 10.x instead. Be sure to connect the cable between the T3200 and the router to one of the LAN ports on the T3200 and the WAN or Internet port on the third party router. If the cable is in the LAN ports on both, that will cause problems. 🙂


Which router did you purchase, or are planning to purchase?

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I haven’t purchase it yet but I’m looking at the TP-Link 1800.

Thank you for the amazing and detailed response!