TELUS door to door rep, scam?

A man in a Telus uniform nocked on my door the other day and he told me about how they were going through our neighbourhood and updating everyone wifi. He claimed that I could switch from my Shaw internet plan to a Telus one and get internet 150 for $45 and all I needed was a installation date. He also mentioned that if I didn’t want the service I could always cancel it before the installation date free of charge. He said he was a door to door representative and that he was going to give me this price because Telus wanted to satisfy their costumers. He then made me sign something that he said was for the installation. I was wondering if anyone knew this was a scam or not.
Community Power User
Community Power User
Telus does have people that do go around door to door. Just make sure you get the promo price you were quoted.

They wouldn’t state they’re upgrading everyone’s wifi that doesn’t make sense. Offering faster speeds at a promo price is likely.

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