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T3200m: Some questions about Optik TV and port bridging to a separate router


I'm not super happy with the wifi from my T3200M.  On 5GHz I top out at about 35 mbps, around 50 on 2.4Ghz, and speeds slow down quickly when I move away from the router.  Hardwired I get around 62mbps. I can't seem to get wifi speeds higher, I've tried enabling and disabling SmartSteering and switching to uncongested channels.  On top of this on occasion I'll be playing a game online and my ping will jump up to several hundred for a few seconds every now and then. I was thinking of getting a new router to get better wifi performance, but with Optik TV wireless set top boxes requiring the T3200m wireless still enabled things seem to get quite complicated.  I'm just wondering if I'm sort of on the right track with what to do.  From what I've been reading for a seperate router, you enable bridge mode on port 1 and then plug your router in to that port.  Now, for Optik to work, can I just keep wireless enabled on the T3200m, or does bridge mode disable that?  And if bridge mode disables that, is there any router which can support the optik wireless boxes?  Is there any setup with the boxes if so?  Also lastly, I was just slightly confused, am I able to access the T3200m control panel once bridge mode is disabled?  A few things I read made it sound like that wasn't possible.  Thanks for your help


Community Power User
Community Power User

You don’t even need to enter bridge mode. Simply use port one on the T3200 to the new router. If you don’t have any wireless Optik receivers you can turn the wifi off on the T3200. Otherwise leave the wifi radios on and just let the T3200 handle Optik tv and  your purchased router handle everything else.


As for pings it’s generally a issue from the hops to the game server you connect to and the load/users on it.

Thanks for the info. Will I encounter any issues as a result of double NATing due to having the second router connected without bridge mode?

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Community Power User

I never did but it all depends on what you are doing and what devices you have. The games I play online never had an issue with double NAT.

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Okay, thanks for the info!