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Suspected tree damage

Just Moved In
Last year Telus contractors installed the fibre conduits and lines in our neighborhood. A conduit port was dug up adjacent to our 40+ year old tree, and what I assume are it's extensive root system. Since then, the tree which was regularly watered in he summer/fall, has been dying, with so many needles gone brown an fallen off.

I see news reports and complaints on reddit, but what did others do to get a hold of Telus? Is there a phone number I can call regarding such an issue? 311 in Calgary said they are unable to intervene since this is a private matter

Telus: if you're reading, let me know what is next. Can you send a representative out to investigate?

Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you had an arborist come and check the tree? They would be able to give you a better idea what happened to it.

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