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Steam gift card

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I signed up for unlimited data with internet 300 and got a bonus. I thought it was $200 in a Visa gift card, turns out its $200 in a Steam gift card. It's for a gaming site. I dont play games. Is there a way to trade it in for a Visa card?? Has anyone else have this happen??

Community Power User
Community Power User

You could reach to Telus and see what can be done. As for as I know they had a $300 Visa gift card and $200 promo going on.

Worst case scenario sell it for face value. Twitter usually garners the faster response reaching Telus.

Just Moved In

In case anybody is interested, I can paypal you $190 for a $200 steam gift card. I can even pay through friends and family so you don't have to pay any fees.


My email: [email protected]



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Community Power User

Paypal has been used in countless scams where the purchaser claims a problem with what they were sold, and gets what they paid refunded. The seller is left without both the cash and the item being sold. 

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Cash only local sales if you’re to sell it. I agree to many scams can be had with PayPal.