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Speedtests show high speeds, but actual speeds and connectivity is slow

Just Moved In

I moved a couple weeks ago and ever since I moved I've been having internet issues. I've had 2 techs come out and done about 4 calls over the phone and so far nobody has been able to solve my issue. Finally we at least solved the speed tests being slow, however even though they are now showing expected speeds, my internet is overall still quite slow. I have issues connecting to games, websites and it is effecting my works as well. I will have issues connecting to git and my project is using openai which will also work incredibly slow, where it was all working as expected before my move. I have a new modem, the NH20T and I'm in a brand new condo. Telus had already set up everything. 


It doesn't matter what device I'm using or how I'm connected, the actual performance of my internet is poor. This is very noticeable when I try to connect to games like League of Legends


Community Manager
Community Manager

@zellmerz I sent you a private message 🙂