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Service fee $150 for Telus line repair?

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When my internet service failed, I called support. A technician onsite determined that the fibre line had failed at a junction box that Telus installed. The fibre was dangling from the top of the pole and detached from a junction box. It was clearly never properly secured to the pole. Because the pole was on my property, I was charged $150 for repair.

1) It was Telus decision not to run continuous fibre through my property. 

2) Because fibre to junction box was not properly secured and was dangling, any small animal might have accidentally pulled the cable. The location was at least 250 feet from a public road and the damage was unlikely to have been intentional. Failure was the result of poor original installation. 

3) I was told by the technician that I would receive a service bill. I acknowledged that one might arrive but did not agree to payment. How could I have flatly refused to acknowledge a service bill at that moment?  

4) Unlike Telus fibre, cable service continued uninterrupted through the same route and poles. 

5) I responded to the invoice. It bounced. I called support and was told that I would receive a callback that never came.

6) On calling Telus disconnection line before cancellation, support was not interested in the issue or suggesting a solution. I was told that I would be put on hold while it was investigated. However, support simply hung up. I did not receive a call back. I still haven't, 24 hours later. 

 I have been a loyal Telus internet customer since dial-up modem days, then DSL and I'm paying for more than basic fibre service. I will continue service from Telus if the $150 "service fee" invoice is reversed. What are my options to resolve this to maintain trust in the Telus brand?


Just Moved In

Telus website indicates service fees only apply to repairs within the home. The line that failed was to and from poles owned by BC Hydro up to the point where service goes underground to the residence. I am being charged for repair to flawed Telus infrastructure and contrary to web statements about service fees. I will pay the bill "in protest." 

In BC if a pole has power and tel on it it's probly a 'joint' pole, 60% owned by BC Hydro, 40% by Telus.
If the pole is on your property you own the pole.
At our place the fibre drop comes from the pole line to our pole and down into a box on that pole where it's splice to the underground drop. 
I don't think you should be charged for the repair.  I also bet the install was done by a contractor, they get paid 'per job' and often take shortcuts.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Possibly contact billing and explain the issue. Sounds to me that this is something you shouldn't be charged for.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.