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SMTP port 25 on Telus Purefibre (1Gig - Residential)

Friendly Neighbour

I got Purefibre installed yesterday, but before I signed up I called Telus and asked if ports were still being blocked (as described on their website). The agent confirmed that ports are blocked only on Internet services delivered through copper.


I logged into the Telus Wifi Hub (model:PRV65B444A-S-TS) router and set it to "bridge" mode so that my router would pick up an external IP. Once I did that all ports I have services on (80, 443, 993, 587, 8448) were reachable from the internet except port 25 (outbound seems to be blocked too)


Am I missing something here or is Telus blocking that port and the agent gave the wrong information?


Community Power User
Community Power User

According to Telus:


TELUS Port Blocking will only affect customers on Dynamic IP packages. Customers on Static IP packages will still have access to all Ports.


I'm not sure how Purefibre is configured but that may be the reason. Seems strange that port 25 would be blocked when none of the others are.



Just a long time customer hoping to help.

I was talking to a Telus agent, but they only offer static IPs to business plans. That would be a contradiction to what another agent told me before I signed up and confirmed that a business plan wasn't necessary in order to have access to all ports.


In any case, I knew it was going to be a bit of a headache with Telus. I deal with them at work for our Business internet and getting conflicting messages and being transferred to various departments are a big reason why I left Telus (and any big ISP) for my home services over a decade ago.


I'm back for some suffering just because nobody else has 1Gig asymmetric internet 🙂

Just Moved In

I am facing same issue.  Today Telus told me to open port 25 in Firewall settings and still when i am checking port 25 on still its closed.

Not sure what is solution for this.  Should i apply for Business plan ?

Friendly Neighbour



What they tell you on the phone is almost always inaccurate. I was told no ports were blocked on residential, but obviously that wasn't the case.


I've had 3 Telus techs come by and switched out modems to try to fix this, but from the start I knew this wasn't an issue with hardware. The last tech that came by seemed to be more on the ball (the others just do what they're told and know nothing about the issue). He called a friend of his at Telus that is supposed to be on the network team and confirmed that this port is blocked on residential fiber plans. The options suggested were to use a non-standard port (which would probably cause problems), switch to a hosted solution or to subscribe to a business plan.


I ended up switching to the business plan which at the moment is $1 more than the residential plan and 3 year contract instead of 2 for residential. Once the contract is over it does get really expensive, but I'll think about that once that time is approaching. Cancellation fees on a business plan are a lot steeper than on a residential plan.


Now I have a static IP and all ports open.