Rural Smart Hub and cell booster?

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We currently use the Telus Rural Smart Hub white wifi router. When we originally got this, it was incredibly fast and an upgrade from our previous Xplornet experience. Lately the download speeds have been less than great and we have been curious about purchasing a cell booster.

Does anyone know if a cell booster could increase the LTE signal for the Rural Smart Hub therefore increasing the download speeds/consistency for our home? We have consulted sales staff at Telus locations but they do not seem to know much about the science behind it all.

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Community Power User

Each data packet will take an extra hop to get to your hub/modem. Depending on potential speeds, you may or may not see a speed increase. If the slowing is due to increasing subscriptions to the cell tower servicing you, then adding a booster won’t speed your data rate.


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in my case a smooth talker cell booster made my system go from a minutes to camera loop load up to under a second