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Questions about Wifi Extender ethernet ports, MoCa adapters, and Boost Wifi

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  • In my living room, I have a Telus T3200M modem/router, which has built-in MoCA and a coaxial cable going into the wall. I have a Boost Wifi base station plugged into this router
  • In my family room, I have a coaxial cable going from the wall to a MoCA adapter, which provides ethernet to a Wifi Extender (WEB6000Q). The one ethernet out port on the WEB6000Q provides ethernet to my TV (not OPTIK TV)



  1. Can I use a gigabit switch to provide more ethernet ports than the WEB6000Q comes with? (it comes with only one usable port)
  2. Can I plug a Boost Wifi base station into that gigabit switch - will it work this way?
  3. My brother has a spare Boost Wifi station at his house - can I use this or is it permanently tied to his account?
  4. Can I use another compatible MoCA adapter elsewhere in my house, if I buy one from either Craigslist or Telus, or am I limited to one?



Community Power User
Community Power User

1. Yes

2. Should work

3. Yes, you should be able to use it once set to your network

4. I’m not sufficiently knowledgeable about multiple MOCA endpoints to comment.


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