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Looking at making the switch to fibre since we finally got the drop. Currently setup is coaxial line into basement with the electrical panel. Run a 3-way splitter there to the two tv's, and to the modem which is on the 2nd level. Modem/Router are hooked into PC via ethernet and I have wifi extenders on the other two levels. I don't have the ability to run ethernet without significant drywall repairs to the required location for the modem. TV's are currently in the basement and on the main floor.

My questions are:
1. It is my understanding that you can run coaxial cable from the ONT to the modem via converter - is this correct? Does it cause a significant drop in signal quality/speed (ie does gigabit internet still make sense?)

2. For optik TV - my understanding is that it is all wireless based on a phone conversation with an agent when they first dropped the fibre connection. Is that correct? or would it use the pre-existing coax lines/splitter?

3. Is there a passthrough mode on the modem to allow me to use my own router?

4. For optik TV - do they work with third party range extenders (TP-Link or ASUS?) if they aren't using a coaxial hookup?

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  1. Yes, you can repurpose coax to carry the internet packets between the ONT and router.
  2. AFAIK the PVR is hardwired. Other boxes may be wired or wireless.
  3. Yes
  4. No


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Make sure you really want to change. I had faster internet speed with a lower speed plan on Shaw. For the last 4 months I have had nothing but problems with the Gigabit internet from Telus and when I phone for support I have to set aside HOURS just to get through. I regret switching to telus. Hope you have better luck.