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PureFibre Conversion / Wifi Boost 6 vs Wifi Hub


Hey everyone,

I just got upgraded to PureFibre. Installer left me with an ONT, a (wired only) network hub, and a Wifi Boost 6. I just had a Telus Wifi hub delivered. Seems to me I can replace the wired hub and Boost 6 with this new Wifi Hub. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with any performance differences between the two setups. I play music online and need super low latency for that. Pics attached.







Community Power User
Community Power User

The square device you initially had is a combination ONT (Optical Network Translator) and router. The cylindrical device you initially received is a Wi-Fi6 device for faster Wi-Fi. The new cylinder is a router only. You would need to connected it to one of the outputs of the square device to use it, as there is no optical (fibre) input on it. I'm not sure why you received it, as the square unit is used in all installations where telephone services are not required. If you have telephone on Fibre, then a different ONT is used, and the new-to-you cylinder is set up as router.


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Hi, thanks for your reply. It's a shame the new hub doesn't come with a fiber transceiver as there is a slot for that and a POTS jack for my home phone. Anyway, I'm going to leave my existing setup as is for now.