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PureFiber GIG To ONT to Nighthawk AX12 and IPV6


New to telus 

To prepare for upcoming install , anyone have a similar set up not using Telus own modem/wifi router just the ONT to a third party router.

also if the IPV6 WAn set up could be done via the router auto setup or there are specific values have to be entered . Thank you



If you have Optik TV you need to use the Telus modem. If you're getting internet only, it may work, but I've not seen anyone with that setup on here. Everyone seems to throw their own router after the modem (likely because they usually have Optik as well).

Thank you

No Optic TV just the internet , jope to connect the CAT 6 cable out of the ONT to the Gig ethernet WAN side of the router

using a crossover cable , but not sure will keep search for a like setup.

I never got an ONT when I switched to Telus last month. The modem has the fibre in and MOCA out built in. Let me know if Telus gives you a solution as I want to use my own router again.

fiber goes into ONT. You have one.

i am trying to reach out to the tech. to get one with him.

If you have fibre or going to fibre, they have to give you an ONT. This is what converts the optical signal to an electrical one.

Great Thank you 

i will , just have to make sure that the technician will bring the ONT with him.

if not will put the modem in bridge mode and give it a try

I am in the process to do this. I have an ONT and then hub. I had the new hub but was switched to the old black one for speed and to reduce dropping of signal. I pay for the 940 Mbps....but guess what. Despite their saying otherwise their router only puts out about 400 Mbps. Most customers today only have wireless. When they pay for gigabyte service they don't have a hope of getting it....unless they buy a better router. I have to put the telus router into bridge mode so it will pass the wireless on to the new modem which will have the speed I am paying for. If I do this Telus says they won't support something( I'm not sure of what though)